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THE 2021 Above And Beyond Doctor Of The Year Was Awarded To Dr. Michael Agenter

In the fall of 2021 Shine Orthodontics received a call that Dr. Michael Agenter had been nominated for Doctor Of The Year from the Audrey Rose Foundation. As a staff we couldn’t be more proud of this honor that is well deserved.

This annual award took place on November 6th at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza. At the event they recognized physicians whose dedication, talents, and skills have improved the lives of countless childhood patients.

From those ten doctors, one doctor was selected as the Aubrey Rose Foundation “Above & Beyond” Doctor of the Year. We eagerly awaited the announcement that evening as each physician equally deserved this privilege. When Dr. Agenter’s name was called we rejoiced with so much excitement! The first person he gave appreciation to was His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ followed by his family and staff. It was a heartfelt and memorable occasion for all.

The Audrey Rose Foundation proudly celebrated these doctors and their goodness. Please take a moment to view the award’s evening video. What a privilege it is to be associated with this amazing foundation.

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Dr. Ashley

"One of the many reasons I love working at Shine Orthodontics is the vision we have for building into the community."

— Dr. Ashley

Tiffany M.

"Shine Orthodontics has been a great choice for our family!"

— Tiffany M. (Mom of Jackson and Mason)

Just Shine

"I am extremely grateful for Shine Orthodontics. Currently, I have two kids in treatment plus myself and we receive exceptional care from the staff who go above and beyond. I value supporting this local business because they continue to give back to the community time and time again."

— Jen S.

Just Shine

"The staff is friendly and always smiling."

— Stacia C. (Mom of Tyler)

Katryna G.

"I love my new smile! I used to not smile in photos and now I do all the time. Thank you Shine Orthodontics."

— Katryna G.

Mariah S.

"I have wanted to correct my smile for many years and I'm excited to begin my smile journey with Shine Orthodontics."


— Mariah S.

Just Shine

"It is so much fun to have braces with my brother. We love seeing our smiles transform!"

— Evelyn S.

Brittany Q

"The staff at Shine Orthodontics is amazing and always available to answer any questions we had during treatment."

— Brittany Q.

Jen S.

"Shine Orthodontics supports our schools, teachers, churches and the list goes on and does not go unnoticed. That is important to us when choosing an orthodontic office along with great orthodontic care. Thank you Shine Orthodontics!"

— Mark S. (Dad of Colin)

Angela C.

"My daughter had some craziness going on in her mouth, per recommendations from our family dentist, we went to Shine and they hooked her up with braces. Shine was very honest and upfront about about treatment and cost. Very trustworthy and we are loving the improvement already, but the best thing by far is she is back to smiling and showing her teeth constantly. Thanks Shine!"


— Angela C.

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