A little girl with braces smiling

What Are the Signs that Braces are Needed?

March 6, 2023  |  braces

There is nothing more beautiful than a stunning smile! 


For many people, braces are necessary to get the dazzling, straight, and comfortable teeth they dream of. However, braces are not the right fit for everyone. 

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A hand holding a clear retainer

Retainer too Tight? What it Means and What to Do

February 6, 2023  |  retainer, teeth alignment

Dental work isn’t always comfortable.  


Trying to change the position of your teeth, or keep your teeth in a certain spot, can be tough as our teeth have a mind of their own, and want to move to positions that are not always ideal for proper health and a beautiful smile.

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Goodbye Dr. Ashley

Goodbye Dr. Ashley!

After over three years with the Shine Orthodontics family, Dr. Ashley Bhana will be moving on to her next great adventure.  

Many of us will dearly miss Dr. Ashley, but she and her husband have decided to move to Tennessee to be closer to family. 

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Christmas Wish

Christmas Wish: Shine Orthodontics Christmas Partnership with Star 933 and United Faith Mortgage

November 21, 2022

It is the most wonderful time of year! And for Shine Orthodontics, that means giving back to the community! 


This year, Shine Orthodontics has partnered with Star 933 and United Faith Mortgage to bring you Christmas Wish through Star 933! 

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Just Shine Summer Retrospective: Cedar Bay Farm Patient Appreciation Party

Just Shine Summer Retrospective: Shine Orthodontics Patient Appreciation Party

October 21, 2022

At Shine Orthodontics, we believe we have the best patients in the world! That's why this year on Sunday, September 18, we held our annual patient appreciation party at the lovely Cedar Bay Farm in Lebanon, Ohio.  

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pink ribbon girls event

Pink Ribbon Girls Event All October Long!

October 13, 2022  |  braces, Breast Cancer Awareness

At Shine Orthodontics, we know that girls are always stronger when they work together. That is why we are setting aside the month of October to support those affected by breast cancer.  

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