Orthodontic Treatment with Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces for Discreet Alignment

Subtle and Stylish Orthodontic Solution

Ceramic braces, also called clear braces, are one of the most aesthetic braces available today. Many patients prefer them as they use clear or tooth-colored ceramic brackets to correct a patient's teeth.  

Ceramic braces use translucent brackets or braces that attach to the surface of a patient's teeth in conjunction with similarly colored wires and rubber bands to provide maximum discretion for those concerned about how traditional braces may affect their appearance. 

Benefits of Ceramic Braces 


The biggest difference between ceramic braces and traditional braces is that ceramic braces are discreet and blend in with your teeth. Because they use tooth-colored or clear brackets, ceramic braces often go completely unnoticed.

Variety of Uses 

Using brackets and a metal alloy wire, ceramic braces use the same trusted technology as traditional braces, just with a more discreet look and a more comfortable feel. Ceramic braces can be used for a wide variety of orthodontic treatments for better teeth alignment.

woman smiling with ceramic braces

Smile Comfortably with Aesthetic Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are an aesthetic teeth alignment option that offers you all the same benefits of traditional braces, only with a more subtle look and a more comfortable fit against the cheeks and gums. Using tooth-colored brackets, ceramic braces blend in with your teeth to give you a better and brighter smile that just shines. Ask the Shine Orthodontics staff if ceramic braces are right for you!