Orthodontic Treatment with Same Day Braces

Woman smiling with same day braces

Instantly Begin Your Smile Transformation

Healthy Smile for Same-Day Braces

Why wait for the smile you deserve? At Shine Orthodontics, we offer same-day braces so you can start the exciting journey to a healthy smile TODAY! 

After your initial consultation, you can get braces that day. Why wait for weeks or months after your first visit? You want healthy teeth, and Shine Orthodontics can give you braces today.  

Who Qualifies for Same-Day Braces?

If your orthodontist determines you are ready for braces, you are eligible for same-day braces!


Explore Our Same-Day Braces

With Your Style and Your Smile

Today, braces are sleeker and blend in with your teeth better than ever before. You live an active, unique lifestyle. Don’t let braces stand in the way! 

Shine Orthodontics offers both traditional and ceramic braces today to suit you and your smile. Whether you want ceramic braces that blend in with your teeth or a pop of color, same-day braces from Shine Orthodontics give you the smile of your dreams!