Orthodontic Treatment in Conjunction with Jaw Surgery

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Transform Your Smile with Jaw Surgery 

If your orthodontist recommends jaw surgery in conjunction with your orthodontic care we will work closely with your oral maxillofacial surgeon to prepare you for treatment. This collaborative process is essential to give you the best results possible, as it ensures complete and continuous care from your dental professionals.  

Oral Health Through Jaw Surgery

Enhancing oral health and function often involves a dynamic partnership between orthodontics and orthognathic surgery, with orthognathic procedures aimed at addressing misalignments of the upper and lower jaws.  

It begins with orthodontic preparation using braces or other orthodontic modalities prior to treatment to ensure teeth are appropriately positioned for surgical correction.  

Your orthodontist will also play a role in maintaining alignment after your procedure to maintain the corrected position of the teeth and jaws during the healing phase.