A Christmas Wish on Uplifting Star 93.3

A Christmas Wish on Uplifting Star 93.3

Dr. Mike. The text reads, "A Christmas Wish on Uplifting Star 93.3"

Shine Orthodontics had the honor of partnering with Christmas Wish on Uplifting Star 93.3 this past Christmas to bring joy and blessings to families in need.  

We were able to make a meaningful impact in our community by supporting this wonderful initiative.  

In this post, we encourage you to read about how we were touched by the heartwarming stories of the families we were able to bless, such as Russel and Marcie, Noelle and Coach Ryan, and a teenage business owner. 

The experiences of these families reminded us of the power of giving and the importance of coming together as a community to support one another. It was a humbling and inspiring experience for us to be a part of. 

Russel and Marcie  


Russell and Marcy use their Christmas wish to a travel to meet their first grandchild

Russel shares a heartwarming journey of transformation that he and his wife, Marcie, experienced with the host of Christmas Wish on Star 93.3.  

Russel and Marcie's journey of transformation began when they first met, with Marcie in a dark and depressed state. However, after they started going to church together, Marcie experienced a spiritual awakening, declaring that "God found me." 

Now, they have been married for a while with three adult children, one of their sons, Jacob, and his wife received the news of their pregnancy after being told they couldn't have children. Jacob and his wife had gone through the heartbreak of a miscarriage, until they were blessed with another pregnancy, expecting a baby girl due on December 25, 2023. 

The news brought immense joy to Marcie, who felt that God had told her to "pack her bags" in anticipation. However, the family faces financial challenges as Marcie has quit her job to care for their autistic daughter, leaving them unable to meet their new granddaughter. 

Russel, knowing how much his wife wanted to meet their grandchild, applied for Christmas Wish.  

Dr. Michael Agenter of Shine Orthodontics, came on Star 93.3 to speak with Russel and the host of Christmas Wish to share that he and Marcie will be granted airline tickets to go meet their first grandchild. 

Russel put Marcie on camera, and she expressed her gratitude and faith, praising Jesus for the change in her life and expressing her desire to be a humble servant.

The story of Russel and Marcie's journey of faith, love, and resilience is a powerful reminder of the impact of kindness and the strength they found in their faith in Christ.  

Coach Ryan  


Coach Ryan’s legacy of bringing Jesus to high school athletes lives on through a scholarship

At Community Christian Academy (CCA), there was a beloved basketball coach named Ryan Smith. Coach Smith was known for his passion for the game and his dedication to helping young people grow in their faith. 

He was one of the most loved members of the school faculty and is credited with helping thousands of young men and women develop their walk with Jesus. 

However, tragedy struck when Coach Smith was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. The entire school rallied behind him, and the hashtag #CoachSmithStrong began to appear on the walls, becoming the school's motto. 

Sadly, Coach Smith passed away and was laid to rest on December 13, 2023, leaving behind a wife, Noelle, and their two young children. Despite their grief, the community continued to support the Smith family, with over 150 people nominating them for a Christmas Wish. 

Noelle bravely went on the radio show Christmas Wish on Star 93.3 to share her story.  

In honor of her late husband, she heartfully expressed her wish to use the Christmas Wish funds to establish the #CoachSmithStrong Scholarship for students in need. 

To Noelle’s surprise, Dr. Michael Agenter announced on the show that Shine Orthodontics would be donating $2,500 to help kickstart the scholarship in Ryan's memory. 

Dr. Agenter also revealed to her that many others had nominated the Smith family for the Christmas Wish fund and he was honored to be a part of ensuring Coach Smith's legacy remained strong at CCA.  

And so, the #CoachSmithStrong Scholarship was born, impacting the lives of students for years to come! 

Teenage Business Owner 


Teenage business owner Brennan sells homemade dog treats to help others!

Brennan and his mom came on Christmas Wish featured on Star 93.3 to share about Brennan’s business mission. 

He is a 15, almost 16-year-old who loves dogs and has two golden doodles at home. Brennan hoped he could walk dogs or find a traditional part-time job as many teenagers do.  

However, due to his struggles with seizures and anxiety attacks, pursuing a traditional job is more difficult for him. Therefore, Brennan's mom and dad suggested he start creating dog treats. 

With the dog treat-making business being successful, Brennan decided to use his profits of over $1,200 to give to a church Christmas Shop that helps children.  

Dr. Michael Agenter came onto the radio station and expressed how he was touched and encouraged by Brennan giving back and spreading the love of Christ. In addition, he shared that he is giving Brennan $1,500 to grow the dog treat business.  

Give Back with Shine Orthodontics 


At Shine Orthodontics, we are committed to serving our community not only within the walls of our office but also outside in any way we can - whether it's locally or globally.  

We believe that by shining a light in our community and supporting others who share our vision, we can make a positive and lasting impact. 

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Christmas Wish on Uplifting Star 93.3 and other initiatives that align with our passion for making a difference.

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