Core Values at Shine Orthodontics

Core Values at Shine Orthodontics

August 29, 2019
Core Values at Shine Orthodontics


Stewardship-Humility-Integrity-New Identity-Empathy

Companies, churches, small businesses and families have been establishing "Core Values" for many years.  It is important  for Shine Orthodontics to implement strong business values to give direction to our staff, patient families and communities. At the start of the year we changed our name from Agenter Orthodontics to Shine Orthodontics.  With that change we also updated our "Core Values" to better reflect who we are.  


Our Core Values


We have been entrusted to provide the highest quality orthodontic care to anyone seeking a better smile. Our responsibility extends beyond the walls of our offices into our staff and patients, their families, and our communities.


We serve patients and their families with the highest levels of customer service while providing progressive orthodontic medicine by utilizing the latest technology, practices and materials. We hold ourselves and our staff accountable to the highest standards.


We endeavor to do the right thing for our patients, staff, and community. We will be transparent with our shortcomings and make every attempt to make things right when we fall short of our goal. We "do the right thing because it's the right thing to do."

 New Identity

We see each patient and family through the lens of who they are created to be.  Our desire is for each patient to share their smile as an expression of joy to those around them to be a source of encouragement and love.


We lead with compassion by having open communication, listening to others and being involved as a business in our communities. We encourage our staff to be active listeners to those around them as they go about their respective duties.