Goodbye Dr. Ashley!

Goodbye Dr. Ashley!

Goodbye Dr. Ashley

After over three years with the Shine Orthodontics family, Dr. Ashley Bhana will be moving on to her next great adventure.  

Many of us will dearly miss Dr. Ashley, but she and her husband have decided to move to Tennessee to be closer to family. 

Dr. Ashley taking a group photo

Dr. Ashley’s story with Shine Orthodontics began when she met Dr. Mike on mission trip to El Salvador in 2012. She quickly joined the Shine Orthodontics practice and delighted in using her skills as an orthodontist to do more than just straighten teeth.  


Dr. Mike has been a tremendous leader and a prime example of what Dr. Ashley has hoped to accomplish in the field of orthodontics.  


Though it pains us to see her go, and we will miss her dearly, we wish Dr. Ashley the best of luck in Tennessee and we thank her for all the smiles she has given us over the years.  


Goodbye, Dr. Ashley and thank you for all you have done for the Shine Orthodontics family and the greater Lebanon community!