Shine Orthodontics Summer Retrospective: Healthy Kids Triathlon

Shine Orthodontics Summer Retrospective: Healthy Kids Triathlon

October 10, 2022  |  ymca healthy kids triathlon
Shine Orthodontics Summer Retrospective: Healthy Kids Triathlon

It may have been the dog days of summer, but the young athletes who took part in this year’s health kids triathlon were ready to run, bike, and swim their way to victory.  


On Saturday, August 20, 2022, Shine Orthodontics partnered with the Countryside YMCA in Lebanon to host the annual Healthy Kids Triathlon. The goal of the triathlon was to help kids stay healthy and active in a fun yet competitive environment. 

3 guys taking a photo

Shine Orthodontics originally planned to auction off just one Comprehensive Orthodontics Treatment, but in the end, we couldn’t help ourselves and auctioned off a total of three sets! The best part: all proceeds went towards funding the Caring for Families Campaign.  


Let’s take a look at some of the activities that were held, some of the top sponsors of the event, the big winners, and what participants can look forward to next year! 


Healthy Kids Triathlon Activities 


A triathlon is a three-part race that consists of a swim, bike, and run.  

bikes from the YMCA

This year, the Healthy Kids Triathlon was split into three categories. The 8 and under group, the 9 to 11 group, and the 12 and up the group. Each group was staggered to give the kids an age-appropriate challenge. 


The athletes swam in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, biked on the Countryside/Lebanon bike trail, and ran cross country on the YMCA’s outdoor fields and nature trail.  


After the race, Skyline Chili provided participants and their families with a delicious post-race lunch that also included bagels, bananas, oranges, and apples! 

3 guys taking a picture by a van

In total, over 50 volunteers helped set up food, games, and a large bounce house for family-fun activities.  


Top finishers received a USA TYR Backpack!  Each participant received a YMCA Sports medal for their completion of the triathlon.  


A huge thank you to everyone who made this year’s Healthy Kids Triathlon one we will never forget! 


Healthy Kids Triathlon Top Sponsors 


Dozens of athletes, sponsors and volunteers made this summer’s Healthy Kids Triathlon one for all ages! 


Let’s take a moment to celebrate some of the top sponsors of this event.  


Presenting Sponsors: 


  • Shine Orthodontics 

  • Skyline Chili Lebanon 




  • Premier Health 

  • Lebanon Area Chamber 

  • Ghent 

  • Antioch Church 

  • IVC Technologies 

  • LCNB National Bank 

  • Spear It Shop 


Top Athletes and Winning Bids 


We ended the event with 3 big winners of the Comprehensive Orthodontics Treatments.  


A huge congratulations to: 


  • The Stalling Family 

  • The Stover Family 

  • The Cummins Family 


In total, we raised $10,000 with proceeds going to the Caring for Families Campaign.  

3 guys taking a picture by a van

And now, the big winners of the triathlon for each group.  


8 and under  


1. Brantlee Robinson (00:20:07.9)  


2. Milo Krey (00:20:15. 


3. Polina Guts (00:21:01.5)  


9 to 11  


1. Maxwell Medearis (00:24:14.6)  


2. Harper Vasil (00:26:00.1)  


3. Marlena Spetz (00:26:00.1)  


12 and up  


1. Tyson Judd (00:35:41.  


2. Madison Zortman (00:35:49.1)  


3. Maxwell Peters (00:36:02.4)  


A huge congratulations to all our participants! Keep training and get ready for next year’s race! 


Looking Forward to Next Year… 


The Healthy Kids Triathlon is coming back in 2023! It will take place in mid to late August, and we look forward to another successful race for the next generation of great athletes.  


Shine Orthodontics will be there, will you?