Retainer too Tight? What it Means and What to Do

Retainer too Tight? What it Means and What to Do

February 6, 2023  |  retainer, teeth alignment
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Dental work isn’t always comfortable.  

Trying to change the position of your teeth, or keep your teeth in a certain spot, can be tough as our teeth have a mind of their own, and want to move to positions that are not always ideal for proper health and a beautiful smile.  

However, when we talk about retainers, they are often less painful than other orthodontic work like braces.  

This is because instead of trying to move your teeth (like braces do), retainers are meant to keep your teeth in place.  

That is not to say that retainers never feel too tight or cause us pain.  

If your retainer feels too tight, don’t panic! This is a common issue that people face, and should not cause you any concern. 

This post will take a closer look at what it means when your retainer is too tight and what you should do.  

Here’s What You Do if Your Retainer is Too Tight 

Wearing a retainer is a key part of maintaining your fabulous new smile after braces.  

However, many of us are guilty of going weeks without wearing it. That can give our teeth time to shift and leave us with an uncomfortable fit.  

So, if you find that your retainer is too tight, what do you do? 

First things first, never force your retainer in!

As long as your retainer does not hurt your teeth and still fits, you can wear it. It may be a little uncomfortable if your teeth have shifted, but if you continue to wear your retainer this discomfort will fade, and your teeth will not move out of alignment any further. 

However, if your retainer will not go over your teeth, then it is time to reach out to Shine Orthodontics. Schedule an appointment to have Dr. Mike check your retainer, even if it doesn’t fit, we encourage you to bring your retainer to the appointment. We may need to make you a new retainer or take other measures to get your teeth back into alignment.  

Retainers should be a little tight as they are meant to keep your teeth in the same place without them shifting. This tightness will only be a problem if it is causing severe pain, prevents you from sleeping, or causes other issues.  

If you find that your teeth are shifting even though you wear your retainer nightly, then it is a good idea to wear your retainer a little longer every day until this shifting stops. If in doubt, call Shine Orthodontics to schedule a retainer check.  

Finally, if you notice your retainer is broken or cracked, stop wearing it and contact our office  immediately. A broken retainer can cause problems and is not suitable for long-term use.  

Retainer Too Tight in Southern Ohio? Shine Orthodontics is Here to Help! 

A retainer that is too tight isn’t always a major concern but can be a serious issue.  

It can cause you pain, make you lose sleep, and might leave you seriously reconsidering wearing your retainer at all.  

If you are facing problems with a retainer that is too tight or doesn’t fit correctly, then it is time to reach out to Shine Orthodontics. We can help you find relief and leave you with a dazzling smile that will have you feeling your best.  

If you are having retainer issues in Lebanon, Chillicothe, or Maineville or want the smile of your dreams, schedule a free consultation with Shine Orthodontics now! 

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