Summer! Summer! Summer!

Summer! Summer! Summer!

Summer! Summer! Summer! What time is it?'s our vacation! What time is it? ICE CREAM TIME! Ok, I started to go a little "High School Musical" on you but yes, at Agenter Orthodontics we eat ice cream and more importantly, we give it away. What? An orthodontist giving away ice cream?

First let's just take a second and laugh that Dr. Mike has an ice cream truck! It's comic relief for us in the office. The stories are hilarious (most of the time). We've had countless funny moments surrounding the ice cream truck adventures!

Yes, yes, yes we believe you should always brush your teeth after a sweet treat but we also believe in uniting our community. Ice cream and summer is a perfect way for us to share our love for ice cream and to connect in a fun atmosphere. One of Agenter Orthodontics core values is, better smiles for a better community.

The truck has enjoyed being a treat for Kings Junior High School after their week of testing, Bowman Elementary's author visit night, Lebanon Christian School Bike-a-thon, After Prom at Kings, YMCA events and several field days at local schools! We are thankful for each opportunity. Let us know if there is an event where you would like for us to bring ice cream!

Want to add some summer fun? Take a selfie or a group selfie with the Agenter Ice Cream Truck, post on Instagram or Facebook and be entered to win a back to school giveaway at the end of August--it's that easy! Here's to a great summer full of fun, smiles and ICE CREAM!!!