What is the Cost of Orthodontic Treatment: Navigating Insurance and Payment Options

What is the Cost of Orthodontic Treatment: Navigating Insurance and Payment Options

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Orthodontic treatment is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  


Straight, well-spaced teeth are comfortable, chew effectively, and deliver a dazzling smile every time.  


Orthodontic work is a viable option for improving your oral health and appearance, but many people worry about the cost of orthodontic and dental coverage and wonder about their payment options.  


So, how much do braces or Invisalign cost, and what are your payment options when it comes to dental coverage and orthodontics benefits? 


This is a very common question that many people considering braces ask.  


 Shine Orthodontics is here to help you navigate the world of affordable orthodontic care, in addition to orthodontic benefits, and insurance coverage.  


Keep reading to learn more about your payment options when it comes to affording orthodontic treatment.  


Straightening Out the Cost of Orthodontics 


It is a persisting myth that many families believe that they cannot afford orthodontic work, or that their insurance will not cover braces or Invisalign.  


This is not true! Orthodontic work is elective and that means that even if we are not on an employer’s list, we may still take their insurance.  


The truth is that orthodontic treatment is accessible to nearly every family and there are many options for insurance coverage and benefits.  


Orthodontic care is an investment and there is often a range between the high and low scale of cost. This is because there is no one singular cost for braces. You cannot say orthodontic treatment costs "XYZ" because each patient (and each orthodontist) has a unique treatment plan and dental insurance coverage varies.  


Some dental plans include orthodontic coverage, and some do not. If you are looking at dental plans or dental coverage, then you need to read the fine print and make sure that your plan covers orthodontic treatment.  


Dental plans that cover orthodontic treatment can significantly decrease the amount you will owe out-of-pocket. At Shine Orthodontics, differing insurance is the biggest factor that contributes to variations in how much our patients pay.  


In most cases, there is a percentage of coverage and a lifetime maximum for orthodontic care that are separate from normal dental benefits. Be aware that there may also be an age limit on coverage and some plans do not include adults. 


The good news is that for those that do not have insurance, there are many affordable options that our treatment coordinator can help you find to ensure that you get the orthodontic care that you need in Chillicothe, Maineville, and Lebanon.  


If you have questions about whether your visit is insured, simply give us a call to verify your insurance before treatment. 


Here are a few quick facts about Shine Orthodontics that you need to know before you begin orthodontics treatment. 


  • Dr. Mike and our staff have completed over 20,000 smile transformations using traditional metal braces, ceramic clear braces, and Invisalign. There are options for you and your family when it comes to orthodontic care! 

  • Orthodontic treatment not only gives you a better smile, but it improves your oral health too! Crowded teeth are uncomfortable and hard to brush and clean.  

  • Dr. Mike and our staff are here to help! We proudly support our Chillicothe, Maineville, and Lebanon communities. Reach out for a free consultation before you decide that braces or Invisalign are not right for you. Orthodontic care is often more affordable than you think! 


Shine Orthodontics Makes Your Smile Brighter in Chillicothe, Lebanon, and Maineville 


 Braces and orthodontic care are an investment, and one that can pay off majorly when it comes to oral health, comfort, and self-esteem.  


At Shine Orthodontics, we believe that everyone should have the smile of their dreams. That is why we work hard to find solutions for affordable orthodontic care with or without insurance coverage. 


Call, email, or private message Shine Orthodontics now to schedule your free consultation to see how we can make braces and orthodontic care work for you! Click here to reach out! 


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