Posted on: February 7, 2020

Once again, we celebrated the start of 2020 with a FREE BRACES party!  How and why do we give away FREE BRACES? 5 years ago (Woot! Woot!) we decided it would be fun to have a Shine Orthodontics Car Magnet for our patients and their friends.  When our staff spots your vehicle (with your Shine Car Magnet) around town at places such as the grocery, the gym, church or even in our parking lot, we place a postcard on the windshield that says, "YOU'VE BEEN SPOTTED!"  Then the happy recipient calls the office to let us know about the postcard and bingo, they are entered to WIN FREE BRACES.  We pull a monthly winner that receives a $50 gift card and those twelve families are one of twelve entered to win FREE BRACES.  Then everyone that was spotted all year is entered into a second drawing. How do you get a magnet for your car?  Stop in any of our offices, Chillicothe, Maineville or Lebanon and they are free at the front desk.



 We kicked off the first party in our Lebanon office with free food, music, a photo booth and Shine swag for everyone.  Dr. Ashley, Dr. Mike and the staff enjoyed the time mingling with the patient families and visiting in a relaxed yet exciting environment.  We always promise to give away 2 Full Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatments at each party but you never know what else Dr. Mike may throw in!  At this party we ended up giving away 3 Full Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatments (braces), a 50% off a Full Comprehensive Treatment, 2 sets of 10 years worth of retainers, 2 Waterpiks and 2 Teeth Whitening Treatments!  This years FREE BRACES winners were: The Hurst Family, The Horton Family and the Cukovecki Family. Each family was thrilled to see their name drawn! "WOW, with four kids that will (probably) all need braces, this is a gift!"  


 The party moved to Chillicothe the following week. "We've never won anything!  To win FREE BRACES is a dream come true!" The party was in full swing when Dr. Mike pulled the three winning names; The Dixon Family, The Bowers Family and the Reynolds Family. It would only be fair to do the same giveaway as we did in Lebanon the week before.  We continued with drawing names for 50% off of braces, 2 sets of 10 years worth of retainers, the Waterpiks and Teeth Whitening Treatments. 

 FREE BRACES is fun but most of all we love to see our patient families SHINE!  Shine Orthodontics is humbled by such a wonderful community we serve. It is a blessing for us to see our patients outside of an orthodontic appointment and to #LIVELIFESHINING. This is a small way we can give back to those who build into us by simply putting a magnet on their vehicle. We hope everyone enjoyed the party and if you are interested in being entered to win FREE BRACES for 2020, please stop by the office and get a SHINE magnet. Cheers to smiles that SHINE!