"The results are AMAZING!"

Posted on: March 14, 2017

Kayley pre-orthodontic treatment

 The story of Kayley Knollman's smile began a couple years ago. Kayley was referred to Dr. Mike due to crowding and needing to create space for her teeth to line up properly. Kayley is a great kid with many hobbies such as horseback riding, cheerleading and modeling. As she began to focus on modeling more, her smile would continue to be important.  Agenter Orthodontics was excited to be a part of Kayley's smile transformation!


Kayley and Eileen in NYC

 Kayley has a very close relationship with her grandmother, Eileen.  Our staff recognized that this grandmother was a big part of Kayley's life as she attended almost every orthodontic appointment.  Eileen would say, "this smile will help Kayley the rest of her life!" Eileen was always cheerful and thankful for the care her granddaughter was given by Dr. Mike. A few weeks ago, Dr. Mike received an email from Kayley's dad, Kirk Knollman. "I want you to know the incredible difference you are making in peoples lives. We are forever grateful for the miracle you gave our family!"  We reached out to Kirk to hear the rest of the story.

Kayley and Eileen in NYC

 What we didn't know was that Kirk's mother, Eileen, had terminal cancer and was only given a few months to live when Kayley began orthodontic treatment.  Each month as Eileen would watch and see Kayley's smile change, it gave her the hope to press on.  Eileen was determined to live and see the end result!  Eileen's dream of seeing Kayley's new smile came true! One of the first people to smile back at Kayley was her sweet grandmother.  She immediately said, "Wow, the results are AMAZING! What a SMILE!"  Eileen did pass away around Christmas this year and we continue to send our deepest sympathy. We celebrate the gift of Kayley's smile with the Knollman family!

Dr. Mike and Kayley

 Thank you Knollman family for sharing your story with us!  We are honored to have so many great families in our midst each and every day.  If you have a story to share, we would love to hear it.  Lastly, remember to JUST SHINE!